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Save Money and Time with Band-Tastic! at your Next Party!


Whether a Birthday Party or any other large gathering you'll want Band-Tastic! their to help save you time and money on wasted drinks.  Stop the madness and waste of all those drinks left behind by your party guests.  Great for Children's and Family parties too!  Find your Favorite colors and styles at http://www.band-tastic.com

See our Band-Tastic! Happy Birthday or Party Time packs of 5  in ten different colors for your next party!   Great as Party Favors Too!    

Be the Band-Tastic! host of your next party with Fun, Fashion & Function for Everyone....it's Band-Tastic!

Show Your Team Spirit with Band-Tastic!

Sports teams are always on the move and focused on performing well.  With such high-paced activities, the sports fields endure the confusion of the Great Water Bottle Throw Down!  Now their's Band-Tastic! that will help you stop the madness and confusion.  It will put an end to Spreading Germs and will help Keep You Hydrated [...]

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Need Help Staying Healthy & Hydrated?

Then you need to try Band-Tastic! http://www.band-tastic.com.  The Only Hands-Free Water Bottle Carrier to Wear as a Cool Wrist Band that also Fits around, Cans, and Party Cups to Identify Your Drink in a Crowd.  Using Band-Tastic! will help Prevent the Spread of Germs while Keeping Hydrated Easier.So many Hot Colors & Styles to choose [...]

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